Dedicated to "Bug"
2006(?) - May 10, 2021

A group of AKC enthusiasts decided that they were tired of travelling out of state for events.  We got together and want to offer a few more events in Arizona.  This is an experiment for us.  Spearheaded by two AKC Licensed Professional Agility Trial Secretaries, Cindy Blanton and Jessica Brown are assembling a team of people wanting to make this a reality.

We're taking baby steps as we get the hang of this.  Drop Jessica ( or Cindy  ( an email if you can help.

Bug was Jessica's agility partner from 2007-2018.  He was an amazing agility partner, with a BIG personality trapped in a 12.6-lb Chihuahua mix body.
Bug competed primarily in USDAA, since, at the time, local AKC events opted out of allowing mixed breeds.

LAA-Diamond 04/03/16

PDCH-Diamond 07/06/18

ADCH-Platinum 01/26/13

2012 Performance Grand Prix Finalist

2014 Performance Grand Prix Finalist

Lifetime #2 Performance Top 10 Standard

Lifetime #1 Performance Top 10 Gamblers

Lifetime #1 Performance Top 10 Jumpers

Lifetime #1 Performance Top 10 Snooker

Performance Top 10 – Gamblers 2013-2017

Performance Top 10 – Standard 2013-2016

Performance Top 10 – Jumpers 2012-2015

Performance Top 10 – Snooker 2011-2015

Performance Top Ten - PMC Standard 2014-2015

Performance Top Ten - PMC Jumpers 2014-2015

Agility Top Ten – Standard 2012

Agility Top Ten – Gamblers 2010-2011

Agility Top Ten – Jumpers 2011

Agility Top Ten – Snooker 2010

First title: Starters Snooker 03/16/08

Adopted from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control April 21, 2007.

Article that includes an interview about Bug's adoption.